Fall 2021 Meet and Greet

Thanks so much to everyone who volunteered, participated, and joined us for our first Fall Meet and Greet! We had a wonderful turn-out from the community and it was great to get to chat with everyone.

Special thanks to Lance and Beth Pruitt of Three of a Kind Realty Group for sponsoring the Frios popsicles and Nadya Mohamed of Nadya Moves for the treat bags for the kids (and maybe the parents too…)!

We hope to have many more of these events in the future and if you can make the next one, we would love to have you at the next one. Please, if you have any photos or comments on the event, leave them in the comments below.

One thought on “Fall 2021 Meet and Greet

  1. So nice to see so many people from our great community. Thanks to Brian, the Woodham’s, and everyone for all your hard work and contributions!

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