Summer 2021 Community Meeting

We had a really great meeting last week and we discussed a whole lot of community concerns and issues. Below are the notes from the meeting that I wanted to share. This is by no means everything that came up but most important thing discussed is:

Regular meetings are coming back! Every third Saturday in the morning at the Sports Complex there will be a meeting. Additional details , including the exact time, will be posted in advance of the meeting.

Meeting Notes

  • Landscaping: in need of major overhaul.
  • Committees: forming two committees to encourage more engagement from neighbors on the issues impacting the Association.
    • Beautification: in charge of overseeing landscaping, welcoming new neighbors, planning community events and projects, etc.
    • Compliance: staffs the Architectural Review Board, assists with tracking compliance issues in the neighborhood, works with city officials to ensure issues are addressed, etc.
  • Communication
    • Regularly schedule meeting: Third Saturday every month from 9:00 to 11:00. First half is for the board and committees to gather and the second half is for the community to receive updates or discuss issues.
    • Website: contact form to report issues.
    • Phone number: the number is for voicemails only.
    • Email address
    • Other forms of communication are not official. We do have a social media presence but they simply repost information from the website.
  • Discussed voting procedures and board status. There are several board positions that do need to be filled at a later date.
  • Short-term rentals (e.g. AirBNB): City has passed regulations that ban any new STR from being established and add ordinances that govern the existing ones.
  • Finances:
    • Dues are being collected at a much higher rate and we have a healthy balance.
    • Dues collections options: what can we do to increase participation?
      • Late fees
      • Liens
      • More action on the part of the Association will bring in more dues.
  • Pipeline: The pipeline is not being cut as there is a migratory bird that is nesting in the area and this occurs every two years.
  • Community parking concerns.
  • Street re-paving: city issue.
  • Landscaping or home issues can be reported to the board to intercede as best as we can.
  • Dog walkers are not cleaning up after their dogs.

This was a great wide ranging conversation and a call to action for volunteers. If you are interested in getting involved and improving your community, please drop a comment below.