2021 Annual Dues Notices

Hey neighbors! The anual dues notices have been send out again and there is a lot of buzz around the Board and the status of the HOA. While there has, in all honestly, not been a lot of updates or details, our new website is going to become much more active in distributing information about the neighborhood, the Board, opportunities to volunteer and get involved, and how we can all work together to make Wyndham the best community in Helena! With the recent expansion and building of the retails spaces and the resulting hot real estate market in Helena, it’s important we have a way to get details out to you all quickly and efficiently. While I realize not everyone has access to a computer or smart phone (and I do intend to find a way to address sending out fliers with updates to those who are interested), the website will be the simplest way to deliver updates to everyone. We also have a Twitter and Facebook page and a link to this post will be available there as well.

As to the annual dues letters, everyone should have received a notice to remit payment to the Association via check for $50.00 payable to Wyndham Residential Assocaition and send to our P.O. Box address: P.O. Box 20, Helena, AL 35080. If not, visit the Contact page and submit your details there to let us know. We can also provide you with any past dues that may be owed and address any individual concerns you may have regarding your account. Other common questions are:

  • I heard there was no board!
    • I assure you, the Board does still exist and is still a legal entity which oversees the Wyndham neighborhood. You can read more about this on the Documents page.
  • Where does the money get spent?
    • The two main expenses are paying for landscaping of the pipeline and common areas and paying the accounting folks who manage our books.
  • I have a concern about how the money is being spent or wish that the money would be spent on something in the neighborhood!
    • The money can be spent towards projects that the board deems worth investing in, however, at present, there is only one member of the board… me! There are no expenditures for any major projects since our board remains without quorum.
  • I want to know more about the Board, the neighborhood, or read documents like the Bylaws and Covenants!
    • Those Documents have all been posted on this site and my hope is that I will have them more organized as I have time to do so.
  • I’m really interested in volunteering to improve this neighborhood and dig into the pressing issues.
    • Visit the Contact page and let me know you would like to Volunteer!

There are plenty of other comments and concerns I have seen on various parts of the internet so it is important to note that this website will be the primary source of information and updates. Posts on Facebook pages, Twitter, or NextDoor can be valuable in getting information out but only details from this page are official and represent statements from the Wyndham Residential Association Board of Directors. This is also the only site that for official reports of concerns or issues so please take advantage of these features and let us know if you need anything. I hope to have much more information and features available on the site so stay tuned.